Allied Tube & Conduit’s Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) is a quickly deployed security perimeter appropriate for emerging threats or for a permanent barrier.

With the capacity to deploy 480′ of Razor-Ribbon in just two minutes, our Triple Strand RDU takes the place of a large crew working hours in the field. The unit deploys with only two people and removes the potentially hazardous conditions associated with field installation of barbed tape coils.

Features & Benefits

  • US Patent No. 7,909,309 B2
  • Economical, simple, and reusable rapid deployment system
  • Capacity to deploy 480′ (146m) of Razor Ribbon® in just minutes
  • Eliminates the need for a large crew working hours in the field, and the potential hazards that go with it
  • Only requires two people to deploy
  • Consists of a stack of one (1) 60″ (1500mm) barbed tape coil on top of two (2) 30″ (750mm) barbed tape coils
  • Various coil diameters options available
  • Package size is 90″ (2250mm) high by 62″ (1575mm) wide
  • Ship weight is 2,100 lbs. (950 kg)
  • Standard configuration: short barb with galvanized tape and high tensile galvanized core (military BTC)
  • Coils fastened together in an alternate loop arrangement to minimize any intrusion attempts
  • Can be customized with any of the full line of Razor Ribbon® barbed tape products including our Detainer Hook,® barb
  • Easily integrated with intrusion sensing equipment

USES: military, police, municipalities, commercial/industrial security integrators with instant physical perimeter protection

Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit - US Patent No. 7,909,309 B2

5660-01-537-7956Triple Strand RDU with magazine(2)-30
5660-01-537-7957Triple Strand RDU without magazine(2)-30

PDF Flyer

We start with two thirty inch concertina coils side-by-side on the ground with one sixty inch concertina coil sitting on top to provide a 7 1/2 foot high security barrier.

We place rigid stanchions every eleven feet to provide support. A heavy cable ensures the unit is not over-extended or collapsed between stanchions. The design ensures the perimeter is stable. Stepping through this barrier is impossible without extensive efforts to cut and remove the wire. It’s easily integrated with electronic sensing equipment.

The Triple Strand RDU comes standard with Allied Tube & Conduit’s short barb material. This material was specifically designed for military applications and is considered a “delay” barrier, like steel Velcro. However, the Triple Strand RDU can be customized with any of the full line of Razor-Ribbon barbed tape products including our Detainer Hook barb.

3 easy steps deploys nearly 480’ of Razor-Ribbon in just 2 minutes

  1. SET
    Set the RDU in place using any vehicle with fork attachments. A trailer option is available.
    Deploy the unit with a two man team. In just two minutes, a 480’ triple strand barrier is in place.
    Anchor the supports in place.