Portable RDU - Rapid Deployment Unit of Razor Ribbon

Instabox Rapid Deployment Unit for Barbed or Barbless TapeInstabox Rapid Deployment Unit for Barbed or Barbless Tape


  • All of the materials and tools necessary for deployment are stored directly in the self contained tool box. Accessories include a hammer, protective gloves and arm guards, ground stakes, wire ties and wire tie tool.
  • Barbless tape option is available and designed as a deterrence against intrusion while eliminating any danger associated with sharpness of razor wire.
  • The Portable RDU features front and back covers fabricated from high quality galvanized expanded metal mesh.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides rapid construction of controlled, limited, and exclusion areas.
  • Appropriate as a temporary barrier for emerging threats or as a permanent barrier.
  • Deploys up to 75 feet (22.8m) of barbless tape or Instabarrier® barbed tape in under 30 seconds by a single person.
  • Retracts quickly and efficiently for reuse and removes the potentially hazardous conditions associated with field installation of coils.
  • Rugged design features heavy duty wheels, hot dip galvanized panels and powder coat finish make the portable RDU suitable for deployment in differing climates and terrain conditions.
  • Lightweight, high strength and modular allowing multiple units to be easily tied together forming one continuous barrier.
  • Manufactured in Hebron, Ohio U.S.A.

Asset Protection, Public Venues, Retail, Crow Control, Sidewalks, Streets, Gates, Embassies and Government Facilities, Military and Police Applications.

DescriptionDiameterCoil LoopsStrip MaterialCableWeldsYieldPkg.
Single Coil Concertina Rapid Deployment30762101SS155015.21/box
Single Coil Concertina Rapid Deployment30762151SS157522.81/box
Single Coil Concertina Rapid Deployment481219151SS197522.81/box
Single Coil Concertina Rapid Deployment601524101SS1135015.21/box

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