• retro-fit-band

    Retro Fit Band

    Used to connect mesh to terminal posts. Available in various sizes for different post diameters 1″ x 11ga HDG.

  • Hexarmor Gloves

    Hexarmor Gloves

    These gloves were designed specifically for handling barbed tape products. These gloves are cut, puncture and abrasion resistant.

  • Ground Stakes

    Ground Stakes

    Required to anchor ground based installations, usually positioned at 10 feet intervals.

  • Hog Rings

    Hog Rings

    For fence anchored installations, Hog Rings are used to connect the barbed tape to the fence fabric.

  • Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    Used to alert unsuspecting persons of imminent danger.

  • Arm/Sleeve Guard

    Arm Sleeve Guard

    Used to protect the installer, the arm/sleeve guard covers from the wrist to the shoulder.

  • Wire Ties

    Wire Ties

    Wire ties are used to secure and anchor installations.