GPBTO Type II General Purpose Barbed Tape

Exterior Perimeter Security Products

GPBTO Type II barbed tape is a double coil, non-reinforced product made from spring quality austenitic stainless steel. Originally designed by the U.S. Military as an entanglement obstacle, Type II is growing in commercial use as a ground barrier.

Features & Benefits

  • Exterior perimeter security products
  • Constructed of a non-reinforced, spring quality austenitic stainless steel
  • Not welded, but remains in helical form
  • Double coil product consisting of a 24” inner coil and a 30” outer coil, tied together in 4 places about the circumference with stainless steel aircraft cables
  • Originally designed by the U.S. military as an entanglement obstacle and Type II is growing in commercial use as a ground barrier

Tape Material: 301 Stainless Steel | 1.21″ wide prior to forming
Barb Length/Spacing/Offset: 2.5″ (+/-.10″) tip/tip | 4″ on center | alternately offset .15″ – .45″

Product NameDiameterLoopsWeldsLoop SpacingLength per RollWeight Per Roll
General Purpose BTO - Type II(in)(mm)(in)(mm)(ft)(m)(lbs)(kgs)