1. Barbed wire Arms – pressed steel, cast iron or cast aluminum alloy fitted with clips or slots for attaching three strands of barbed wire. Arms shall be set outward on a 45 degree angle and be capable of supporting a 250 pound load at outer barbed wire connecting point without causing permanent deflection. One strand of barbed wire at top for barbed tape placement, arm to point away from secured side, or in lieu of barbed wire.
  2. Tension Wire: Marcelled 7 gauge steel wire with minimum coating of 0.80 ounces of zinc or 0.40 ounces of aluminum square foot of wire surface and conforming to ASTM A-824.
  3. Tie Wires: stainless steel 18 gauge or 12 gauge stainless steel hog rings.
  4. Barb Wire: Commercial quality steel, 12-1/2 gauge, two strand twisted line wire with 4 point barbs at 5 inch spacing. Coating shall consist of a minimum of 0.80 ounces of zinc per square foot of wire surface conforming to ASTM A-121 or a minimum of 0.30 ounces of aluminum per square foot of wire surface conforming to ASTM A-585.
  5. Ground Stakes: #3 rebar, galvanized, 18″ long, 12″ in ground with candy cane type hook to secure the barrier in place.
  6. For fence tops and fence/fabric barriers of 24″ barbed tape or larger attach at 2 points about their circumference. On barb wire arms attach to barb wire between barbs and fence fabric, maintaining appropriate spacing. For top wire extend line posts every 50′ to support wire. See illustration.
  7. For use with tension wire attach to tension wire and fence fabric.
  8. Procedure for barbed tape installation: Provide labor and equipment necessary to attach the required number of rolls of barbed tape obstacle to the fences and ground along the specified perimeter length. Placement of security wire to be as shown on the drawings.
    1. Extend barbed tape rolls to full length. The spacing between coils of extended rolls shall be 12 inches or as recommended, when installed, the rolls shall be the manufacturers recommended length.
    2. Attach successive rolls of barbed tape to each other to form one continuous obstacle. Ends of each roll are to be connected to the beginning of the next roll so the attachments of the second roll match those at the end of the first roll. The rolls are to be connected together with wire ties or hog rings at the points where the coils would have been attached if one continuous unit had been fabricated. Attachments should be placed between 2 barb clusters to prevent slippage.
    3. Where barbed tape rolls are placed on the ground, anchor each roll to the ground at intervals using 2 ground stakes per 25 ft, of 18″ galvanized ground anchors as recommended by the barbed tape manufacturer.
    4. Secure rolls of barbed tape to the side of the fences by preparing the rolls as described for ground installation. Attach each coil loop to the fence fabric with stainless steel wire ties or galvanized hog rings. Attachment shall be made at the points where the coils intersect the fence fabric.

No 3 Rebar Ground Stake Twistable Wire Tie