Razor Ribbon’s new Razor Mesh Panel is the FIRST line of defense to secure a perimeter, from medium to high, to ultra-high security fencing.

Size Offerings

  • Panel width: 4 ft (122cm), or 5 ft (152cm)
  • Panel height: 6 ft (183 cm), 8 ft (244 cm), 10 ft (305 cm), or 12 ft (366 cm)
  • Diamond size: 2″ x 6″ (51mm x 152mm) with options of 3″ x 6″ (76mm x 152mm), and 1″ x 2″ (25mm x 51mm)

Features and Benefits

  • Expanded metal panel with strands of Razor Ribbon® secured on the panel
  • Can be attached to any fence framework for added protection
  • Imposing physical deterrent designed to keep you safe
  • Anti-climb properties with small openings filled with razors
  • Available in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 72% open with razors
  • Easy installation – installs more accurately without waste, dragging, or overlapping
  • Can be installed new or as a retro-fit over current chain link fence or chain link fence framework
  • Fittings are some of the strongest in the industry and can be locked with breakaway nuts and bolts for added security

USES: Airport, Utilities, Refineries, Nuclear, Energy, etc.

Please Note: The expanded metal mesh is NOT welded but cut from solid steel.  Expanded metal razor mesh will never have welds that fail!

SS-40 Fence Framework

SS-40 is manufactured with cold-formed steel which provides high yield and tensile strength, followed by a uniform triple layer of corrosion protection. The coating consists of zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear organic top coat applied in-line by the patented continuous Flo-Coat® process from Allied Tube & Conduit®.

SS40 Pipe Sizes

Fence industryDecimal O.D. EquivalentPipe Wall ThicknessWeightSelection ModulusxMin. yield strength=Max Bending Moment10' Free SupportedCantilever 4'Cantilever 6'
1 3/81.31533.40.1042.641.352.010.1111x50000=555518511677
1 5/81.66042.160.1112.821.842.740.1961x50000=9805327204136
2 1/22.37560.330.1303.33.124.640.4881x50000=24405814508339
3 1/23.50088.90.1604.065.718.51.3408x50000=6704022351397931



  1. All installations shall be laid out by contractor in accordance with construction plans.
  1. Posts should be set in concrete appropriate for local conditions and anticipated wind loads.
  1. Install posts plumb and rails level per ASTM 2780-09 and industry standard practices.
  1. Post spacing shall allow for two expanded metal razor mesh panels per section and shall vary based on height and topography per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  1. Expanded metal razor mesh panels are installed long way of the diamond running vertically or horizontally.
  2. Expanded metal razor mesh panels attach to posts and rails using clamps and bands equally spaced every 15-18″.
  3. Clamps are sized to fit posts on the non-attack side of the fence and hold razor mesh in place with flat bar clamp on the attack side.
  4. Begin installation at a terminal post by attaching the panel flush with the attack side of the fence using bands.
  5. Attach mesh at the rails (top, mid or bottom) using clamps in a similar manner.
  6. Razor mesh panels shall overlap two diamonds or 4 inches and be secured to each other with clamps spaced equally along the vertical height of the fence between posts.
  7. Razor mesh panels additionally overlap at line posts and are attached at the line posts with clamps.
  8. Allied recommends the use of breakaway nuts with standard carriage bolts.

For additional information, contact 740-928-1019.