Razor Ribbon® developed a new way to connect hanging sensor wire inside barbed tape without chaffing or setting off false alarms with the new Sensor Clip. The simplicity of the product design also allows for a quick and easy installation.

The Razor Ribbon® Sensor Clip comes with a host of Features and Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective – Only uses (1) fastener and a self-tapping screw that can be driven using commercially available powered screw driver with magnetic tips. Other clamps considered for this application involved multiple pieces of connecting hardware (nuts and bolts).
  • Easy-to-Install – The simple design allows the installer to drape the clip over the Razor Ribbon, freeing up a hand for easier installation.
  • Secure Connection – The width of the clamp is sized to match the notches cut into the edges of the Razor Ribbon to securely locate the clip, holding the sensor block and the cable on center between the barb clusters.
  • Chain Link Fence Use – The thickness of the clip matches the diameter of the wire used for chain link fences.  As a result, the clip does not need barbed connectors to secure the clip as is used for connection to fence.
  • Flexible – Works with any Razor Ribbon product
  • Made in the USA – We proudly manufacture our Sensor Clips in America

Previously, a typical means of supporting sensor cables was using wire ties to connect the cable directly to the razor ribbon.  This caused chaffing of the wire insulation and false alarms.  This concern was addressed by providing a distance between the connection to the Razor Ribbon and the connection to the cable.

When using the clip to secure the cable, the notches cut into the sides of the clip and can be used with conventional wire ties, but are wide enough to use commercially available stainless steel tubing clamps.  The notches also provide anchorage for either connection method restricting the cable tie or tubing clamp from sliding off the end.

Razor Ribbon continues to be the optimal choice for perimeter security protection by engineering and developing new innovative products.  For pricing or more information on the Sensor Clip, contact us today!

Razor Ribbon Sensor Clip

Part NumberDescriptionBox Quantity
911780Sensor Clip for securing the sensor cable to the Razor Wire50