Allied Tube & Conduit® supplies the accessories necessary for a safe and professional barbed tape installation.

Ground Stakes are required to anchor any ground based configuration, usually at ten feet intervals. The Barbed Tape coil is affixed to the fence fabric with either Hog Rings or Wire Ties. The Hog Ring Pliers or a Wire Tie Twist Tool will be used,depending on the specification, to compress the hog rings or to twist the wire tie. In order to protect the installer, an Arm Guard, covering the hand to the elbow, or a Sleeve Guard, covering the wrist to the shoulder, should be used. Both afford a degree of safety during the installation process. Lastly, Warning Signs are used to alert unsuspecting persons to the imminent danger.

Please call our Barbed Tape Customer Service Office at 1-877-285-4066 for more information on these products.

  • Hexarmor Gloves

    Hexarmor Gloves

    These gloves were designed specifically for handling barbed tape products. These gloves are cut, puncture and abrasion resistant.

  • Ground Stakes

    Ground Stakes

    Required to anchor ground based installations, usually positioned at 10 feet intervals.

  • Hog Rings

    Hog Rings

    For fence anchored installations, Hog Rings are used to connect the barbed tape to the fence fabric.

  • Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    Used to alert unsuspecting persons of imminent danger.

  • Arm/Sleeve Guard

    Arm Sleeve Guard

    Used to protect the installer, the arm/sleeve guard covers from the wrist to the shoulder.

  • Wire Ties

    Wire Ties

    Wire ties are used to secure and anchor installations.

  • retro-fit-band

    Retro Fit Band

    Used to connect mesh to terminal posts. Available in various sizes for different post diameters 1″ x 11ga HDG.