From barbed tape to bollards, we set the perimeter so that the other side is never an option.

With security and safety frequently in the news, our innovative safety products are here to protect you and your property. At the end of the day, our business is protecting yours. We are the safety experts when it comes to protecting your facility and pedestrians around the globe.

Razor Ribbon®

The Razor Ribbon® line of barbed tape products is the optimal choice for perimeter security protection. Manufactured for use in the most secure and restricted environments, Razor Ribbon® has enhanced security protection for a variety of industrial, military, and institutional facilities.

Our Razor Ribbon® products are razor sharp and can create serious cuts on anyone trying to breach the barrier. The products are not only used as a physical barrier but also work as a psychological deterrent. An intruder will think twice about the obstacle ahead. They’ll get caught red handed!


High Security Bollards

Bollards offer the highest level of safety without compromising the aesthetic needs of a structure or environment by means of various bollard designs. Calpipe Security Bollards offers K12/M50 and K4/M30 rated product lines available in a wide variety of sizes and styles – both fixed and removeable bollards in a deep or shallow mount foundation, as well as a line of hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual retractable bollards.

Our High Security bollards are tested to the ASTM F2656 standard and capable of stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling up to 50mph. Bollards that have met the ASTM F2656 standard are given ratings based on the speed of the truck: M30 for 30mph and M50 for 50mph.

Designed for the highest level of protection, these bollards are found around stadiums, arenas, government buildings, airports, and public areas. Calpipe Security Bollards can fit any project’s needs, including areas hindered by depth restrictions; our shallow mount bollard is installed in a minimal 12” foundation. Bollards are designed and certified to protect a facility’s most valuable assets: people and property.

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