The Razor Ribbon® division of Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation, a part of Atkore, is the world’s leading and longest standing manufacturer of barbed tape products since 1979, and the only domestic manufacturer in the United States.

Our products are engineered for consistency in structure, material composition and conform to federal, state and industrial specifications. We are globally recognized as the industry standard in terms of both quality and design.

razor-barb-closeup-backgroundThe Razor Ribbon® line of barbed tape products are the optimal choice for perimeter security protection. Manufactured for use in the most secure and restricted environments, Razor Ribbon® has enhanced security protection for a variety of industrial, military, and institutional facilities.

Our Razor Ribbon® products are razor sharp and can create serious cuts on anyone trying to climb over the barrier. The products are not only used as a physical barrier but also work as a psychological deterrent. Razor Ribbon® is designed to deter, delay, and detect intruders.

Razor Ribbon® Features and Benefits

  • Most Specified Product in the USA
  • Nationwide & International Distribution
  • Superior deterrence and security
  • Manufactured from exceptionally tough, high-quality stainless steel components with full traceability
  • Single or Double Coil Spiral or Concertina Available
  • Various Diameter and Deployed Length Available
  • Large capacity with quick turnaround
  • Product Workmanship Warranty
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Unparalleled Customer and Technical Support

We Are Proud to PROTECT our Troops!

Razor Ribbon® holds a number of benefits with the United States Government:

  • Meets Military specification with National Stock Numbers
  • Prime vendor for the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Federal Bureau Prisons/Custom Border Patrol Detention Facilities
  • Supplies to the US Embassies around the world
  • Contract holder with General Service Administration (GSA)#: GS07F5492P
  • Accepted by all Federal Agencies, AASHTO, DOCs

From industrial to ultra-maximum security, Razor Ribbon® has the years of experience and expertise to provide the service needed for your security requirements. From the design and specification stage through fabrication of the highest caliber barbed tape obstacles, we provide unequaled value in professional services and product quality.