Made in the USA, the Razor Ribbon Six-Pack Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) is comparable to our popular Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit, but with an even greater level of security in height and Razor Ribbon. The RDU is designed to quickly deploy for emerging threats. It has the capacity to deploy 247 ft, or approximately 75 m, of Razor Ribbon in just a few minutes! It can also be recovered manually using only 2-3 people in approximately 20 minutes. The Six-Pack RDU can be utilized as a temporary or permanent barrier.

The RDU comes preassembled and stacked in a pyramid configuration on a magazine. It consists of six 24″ (610 mm) of barbed tape. The magazines can be deployed quickly and efficiently by most vehicles with towing capability.

Utilizing the Six-Pack RDU eliminates the need for a large crew working hours in the field, and any potential hazards that go with it. This unit only requires two to three people to deploy.

The barbed tape in this unit comes in either galvanized or stainless steel with short, medium or long barbs. The coils are fastened together in an alternate loop arrangement to minimize any intrusion attempts.

Usage for this six-pack rapid deployment unit is economical and simple. It’s a reusable system to provide the military, police, nuclear power plants, power grid, municipalities, and commercial/industrial security integrators with instant physical perimeter protection.


The Six-Pack RDU comes standard with Razor Ribbon short barb material. This material was specifically designed to rapidly deploy for permanent or temporary applications. This RDU is considered a “delay” barrier. It can be customized with any of the full line of Razor Ribbon barbed tape products.

Installation of this RDU is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Three easy steps deploys nearly 247′ of Razor Ribbon in just a few minutes.

  1. SET
    Set the RDU in place using any vehicle with fork attachments. A trailer option is available.
    Deploy the unit with a two to three man team. In just two minutes, a 247′ six-pack barrier is in place.
    Anchor the supports in place.