Hatbox RDU

Maritime, Military and Law Enforcement Rapid Deployment Applications

When every second counts in preventing an act of piracy or impeding an escalating danger, there is simply no substitute for Allied-Maritime Rapid Deployment Units. Our barbed tape barriers are developed to prevent intrusion on any level of security.

  • Visual and Physical Deterrent
  • Passive Non-Lethal Counter Measure
  • Freeboard Deck and Onboard Barrier
  • Multiple Methods of Deployment

The HatBox is designed for military and police use in varying climates and terrain
conditions. This unit can be rapidly deployed in hallways, stairwells, entrances and exit areas, etc. and quickly recovered for repeated use. Allied’s HatBox can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Each unit comes with all of the materials and tools necessary for immediate use.

Rapid dispensing anti-personnel barrier provides 50’ (15m) of 30” (764mm) diameter barbed tape fabricated from 0.025” (0.64mm) thick 301 austenitic stainless steel strip hardened to Rockwell (30N) 50-55. Clusters of four needle sharp barbs shall be punched 4” (102mm) on center. Barb cluster width shall be 1.210” (31mm). Barbs shall be alternately offset from the tape’s centerline 0.15” -0.45” (3.8mm – 11mm). Each coil loop shall contain (24) ± 1 barb cluster.

Adjacent pair of coil loops shall be spot welded together at (5) points of approximate equal spacing about the perimeter in such a way to prevent one slipping passed the other. Weld attachments shall be capable of surviving a minimum pure tensile load of 400# (181 kg).

One jacketed stainless steel wire rope 7 x 7 strand 3/64” minimum diameter shall be attached to each pair of coil openings at 12” ±2” (305mm ±51mm) 101 coil loops shall cover 50’ ±2” (15.2m ±51mm). 16 gauge twist ties, gloves, stakes and tie tool furnished with each unit housed in a fiber case canister (hatbox).

Uses: riot control, crowd control, (impedes movement on stairways, corridors, sidewalks and streets, etc.)

Where Used: embassies, jails, prisons, INS facilities, courthouses, and police departments, etc.

Hatbox Rapid Dispensing & Recovery Unit

NSNDescriptionDia.Coil LoopsStrip Matl.CableWeldsYieldPkg.
5660-01-495-6421Single Coil 30"
Rapid Deployment
30"101SS1550'One / Container
Hatbox is available in Short & Medium Barb Concertina.