Razor Strand Barbed Tape

Minimum Security for Construction and Manufacturing Sites

Razor Strand barbed tape obstacle is an alternative to traditional barbed wire for low level security applications when added psychological deterrence is desired. It can be installed in lineal strands per barbed wire specifications or coils may be ordered as a substitute according to Barbed Tape Concertina dimensions.

Barbed Tape shall be fabricated from zinc-galvanized steel and shall conform to ASTM A 525, Rockwell hardness (15T) 80-85. Barbs shall be alternately offset .15 – .45 inches from the plane of the tape centerline.

The galvanized steel core wire shall be in accordance with ASTM A-764, Finish 2, Class II, Type 3, with a minimum tensile strength of 220,000 PSI. Barbed tape width shall be .75 inches. Barbs shall be .75 inches in length and punched at 1.34 inch centers.

USES: Minimum-Medium security, construction sites, manufacturing and other low level security applications.


263'15 lbs.6.8 kg.527'28 lbs.12.7 kg.
351'19 lbs.8.6 kg.557'30 lbs.13.6 kg.
410'22 lbs.10 kg.586'32 lbs.14.5 kg.
439'24 lbs.10.9 kg.879'47 lbs.21.3 kg.
Loosely packaged reinforced product