Razor-Ribbon Helical Barbed Tape

Low Level Security Applications

Razor Ribbon® Helical is the barbed tape most recommended for private and industrial use. It has the same long barb features as Maze®, Supermaze, and NATO Barrier, but the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion, allowing the barbed tape to be installed with a variety of loop spacing options, depending upon the level of security required.

Tape Material: 430 Stainless Steel | 1″ wide prior to forming
Core Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel | .098″ diameter
Barb Length/Spacing/Offset: 2.5″ (+/-.10″) tip/tip | 4″ on center

USES: Low level security applications such as warehousing, manufacturing, parking lots, storage, and other security applications.

Single Coil Helical

NSNDia.Coil LoopStrip Matl.Core WireLoop SpacingYieldPkg.ASTM F 1910 Item#
5660-01-457-975718"33SSGA18" 50'5/Box#2
5660-01-495-612318"33GAGA18" 50'5/Box#2
5660-01-457-982818"33SSSS18" 50'5/Box#1
5660-01-457-984224"33SSGA18" 50'5/Box#6
5660-01-495-627724"33GAGA18" 50'5/Box#6
5660-01-457-984324"33SSSS18" 50'5/Box#5