Razor-Ribbon Helical Barbed Tape

Low Level Security Applications

Razor Ribbon Helical is the barbed tape most recommended for private and industrial use. It has the same long barb features as Maze, Supermaze, and NATO Barrier, but the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion, allowing the barbed tape to be installed with a variety of loop spacing options, depending upon the level of security required.

Tape Material: 430 Stainless Steel | 1″ wide prior to forming
Core Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel | .098″ diameter
Barb Length/Spacing/Offset: 2.5″ (+/-.10″) tip/tip | 4″ on center

USES: Low level security applications such as warehousing, manufacturing, parking lots, storage, and other security applications.

Single Coil Helical

NSNDia.Coil LoopStrip Matl.Core WireLoop SpacingYieldPkg.ASTM F 1910 Item#
5660-01-457-975718"33SSGA18" 50'5/Box#2
5660-01-495-612318"33GAGA18" 50'5/Box#2
5660-01-457-982818"33SSSS18" 50'5/Box#1
5660-01-457-984224"33SSGA18" 50'5/Box#6
5660-01-495-627724"33GAGA18" 50'5/Box#6
5660-01-457-984324"33SSSS18" 50'5/Box#5