BTC Barbed Tape Concertina

Single Coil Wire Reinforced Concertinas

Single coil wire reinforced concertinas, 38″ in diameter are fabricated from 0.020″ thick ASTM A653 (GA) galvanized steel strip. Strip is clinched around a galvanized steel core wire. Each roll consists of 56 coil loops with pairs of coil loops alternately clipped together at five locations around the circumference. Each coil extends to 50′ when deployed at 21″ coil spacing. Two opposing handles at each end are attached to the end coils. Refer to Military Specifications A-A-555-22A for additional information.

USES: Military battlefield and training barrier.

Military Tactical Barrier Concertina Coil (WIRE-REINFORCED)

NSNDia.Coil LoopsStrip Matl.Core WireLoop SpacingYieldPkg.