Instabarrier Barbed Tape

Maximum Security Confinement Applications

Instabarrier non-reinforced barbed tape is characterized as being the most versatile of all barbed tape products. Designed for both temporary and permanent use, it permits rapid recovery and reuse.

Single coil non-reinforced concertina 30″ in diameter are fabricated from steel. Each roll consists of 101 coil loops with pairs of loops alternately spot welded together at five locations around the circumference.

Cluster of four needle sharp barbs are located 4′ o.c. along the spiral turns. Non-reinforced concertinas are only available in stainless steel.

Tape Material: 301 Stainless Steel | 1.21″ wide prior to forming
Barb Length/Spacing/Offset: 2.5″ (+/-.10″) tip/tip | 4″ on center | alternately offset .15″ – .45″

USES: Maximum security confinement applications, nuclear generating plants, petroleum/chemical storage, refiners, sensitive areas at airports and nuclear weapons storage, etc.

Instabarrier (NON-REINFORCED) Single Coil Concertina Rapid Deployment

NSNDia.LoopsCoil Matl.Strip CableWeldsLoop SpacingCoil YieldPkg.ASTM F 1910 Item#